Secure Key Duplication

Full-Service Key Copying

Everyone needs to have a key copied at some point. Whether you’re sharing access to your home with a trusted friend or you want a spare car key for emergencies, you know the benefits of key duplication. At The Local Locksmith Company, we offer full-service key copying. We copy home, business, and vehicle keys, including high-security transponder car keys. While some hardware stores and kiosks offer some key duplication services, none of them are as accurate or complete as the services we offer as professional locksmiths. If you need a large number of keys, specialized keys, or extra security, turn to our security experts for key duplication.

Car Key Duplication

Modern car keys can’t be copied by just anyone. If your car is was made later than 1997, you probably can’t get a second key from a hardware store or key duplication kiosk. You may be told you have to go to a car dealership to get a new key, but you can avoid dealer prices and hassle by calling The Local Locksmith Company instead. We make copies of all kinds of car keys, including transponder keys and push to start keys, and we offer complete car key programming services. Don’t waste your time or money at the dealership — call our trusted local automotive locksmiths first!

Professional Onsite Support

As mobile locksmiths, we aren’t stuck behind a counter. Instead, we provide onsite support you can’t get anywhere else. If you have any concerns about your property’s security, give us a call. We can discuss the value of rekeying or key duplication, depending on your specific needs. We can also give you guidance on maintaining security when you have multiple copies of important keys. Whether you need key duplication services for your home, business, or vehicle, we can help you ensure you find the best balance of convenience and security.

Don’t Put Your Security at Risk

Key duplication kiosks are becoming popular in Downriver and Detroit, MI for their convenience. While these kiosks will duplicate many keys, they aren’t the most secure option. Some kiosks require you to store information about your keys in an online account, leading to internet security risks. If you want to ensure your keys can’t be copied from files that are accessible online, you need to work with real locksmiths. Thanks to our mobile services, working with The Local Locksmith Company is more convenient than using a key copying kiosk. The next time you’re searching for key duplication near me, give us a call!