The Local Locksmith Company was started because there is a need for an honest, reputable, responsive, professional Washtenaw County locksmith.

There are many locksmith companies that utilize bait-and-switch pricing, price gouging and just bad business practices. That is why The Local Locksmith Company stands by their pricing with a price guarantee and doesn’t use “starting at” prices to lure you in.

After working in the locksmith industry for a short while, I knew I could do better. I knew I had a responsibility to the customer. I was obligated to offer top notch Washtenaw County Locksmith service at a fair price. Every job matters. It is not how many jobs I can complete in one day but the quality of the work done on each individual job. The Local Locksmith Company mission is 100% customer satisfaction. Many companies say that but it is our ultimate goal. Here is a list of services we offer:

The Local Locksmith Company not only provides Washtenaw County all of the services listed above but we also provide information to assist you in rekeying your own locks, ways to prevent being locked out of your home and more.

Washtenaw County Locksmith Service area by City and Zip Codes

Ann Arbor 


In some cases, The Local Locksmith Company will also provide residential locksmith service, referrals and assistance finding a Salem Township Locksmith, Ann Arbor Township Locksmith, Superior Township Locksmith, Barton Hills Village Locksmith, Ypsilanti Township Locksmith, Pittsfield Township, York Township, Augusta Township and Milan, Michigan check below to see if your area is listed:

48105,48167,48168,48170,48175,48178 Salem Township

48103,48104,48105,48106,48107,48108,48109,48113 Ann Arbor Township

48105,48170,48197,48198 Superior Township

48105 Barton Hills Village

48197, 48198 Ypsilanti Township

48103,48108, 48176, 48197 Pittsfield Township

48160, 48176, 48197 York Township

48160,48190,48191 Augusta Township

48160 Milan