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24-Hour Emergency Service From a Locksmith

The Local Locksmith Company offers reliable mobile service in Sumpter Township and the entire Detroit area for automotive, residential, and commercial locksmith services. If you’re searching “find a local locksmith near me,” look no further! There are quite a few out there, and you can opt for a cheap company – just remember, Sumpter Township, we have become a leader in damage-free door unlock using the best lock picking, bump key, and pop-a-lock airbag techniques. We offer a wide array of Sumpter Township services from lock repair, lock installation to broken key extraction. We offer residential lockout services, automotive lockout, and car lockout services, commercial business lockout, and office lockout services.  Additionally, we service file cabinet locks, display case locks, and POS cash drawer locks.

Discounts Available for Automotive, Residential, Commercial Locksmith ServicesSumpter Township locksmith rekey door lock

The Local Locksmith Company offers Sumpter Township, Michigan. a 10% discount for:

  • Union members
  • Senior citizens
  • Military veterans
  • First responders
  • Students
  • Break-in victims
  • Teachers and educators

Also, if you have just purchased a home in Sumpter Township, Michigan, The Local Locksmith Company will give you a discount of 10% when you have us rekey your locks after your closing.

Residential Locksmith

Sumpter Township and all of Metro Detroit demands high-security locks, and we are your professional local locksmith. If you need new locks or want your locks replaced or locks repaired, look no further. Our residential professional can service everything from your front door locks and sliding door locks to your garage door lock. If you have any concerns regarding home security or you have a specific lock concern, we are happy to assist in making the best decision.

Sumpter Township Commercial Locksmith Services for Investment Properties and Income Properties

Lockout, Rekey, Broken Key Extraction, Lock Repair, And New Lock Installation

We offer immediate Sumpter Township, Michigan, commercial locksmith services for all types of businesses and offices. Services include but are not limited to desk lockouts, file cabinet lockout, commercial vehicle lockout, semi-truck lockout, safe opening, new locks, rekey locks, and lock repair. Our company provides services for investment and income properties in Sumpter Township, Michigan, and the entire Southeast Michigan area.

Lockout Service In Sumpter Township

Being locked out of your car, locked out of your business, or locked out of your house is stressful. In Sumpter Township, the situation can be a downright emergency. Professionals at The Local Locksmith Company will be dispatched with a 24-hour emergency service to get you in your home or business fast or if your keys are locked in your car.

New Locks Installation In Sumpter Township

We can install high-security locks, new deadbolt locks, door handles, doorknob locks, door lever locks, and some of the older homes require mortise locks. Our expert staff can make major and minor door lock repairs after a break-in or break-in attempt. Break-in lock repairs and break-in lock replacement is an emergency service we offer when the need arises. Sumpter Township, you can find a cheap locksmith anywhere. With us, you’re getting an affordable and highly reputable company that takes pride in every job. We treat every rekey, lockout, and lock repair as if it were our very own home improvement project.

Rekey Services In Sumpter Township

We offer full-service rekeys. Some companies refuse to serve Sumpter Township, but not us.  We have rekeyed hundreds of Southeast Michigan area homes and businesses. We are able to rekey knobs and deadbolts by all major manufacturers like Kwikset, Schlage, Defiant, and more. Whether you decide to stick with your current locks or prefer the new high-security locks like Kwikset SmartKey smart lock, this Sumpter Township locksmith can rekey them all.

Did you misplace your house keys? Did you terminate a disloyal, dishonest home care worker? Do you need to regain key control because of divorce, eviction, or simply want to reduce the number of keys you have? These are all valid reasons to call us and rekey your home.

  • Rekey your locks to provide safety, ease, and key control
  • We will rekey your locks if you have purchased or moved to a new place
  • Rekey your locks if you lost your keys
  • Rekey your locks if you released, fired, or have an angry employee who left your company
  • If someone has a key and should not, and you want to keep them from entering
  • It is better and often cheaper to rekey as opposed to new installing doorknobs and handles

Broken Key Extraction In Sumpter Townshipbroken key extraction

Did you ever put the key in your front door lock and the key broke in half?  Nothing can more upsetting than thinking you just destroyed your entry door lock. We use only the best locksmith tools to extract the broken key. We have extracted broken keys from just about everything that has locks such as humidor locks, file cabinet locks, deadbolt locks, cash drawer locks, front door knobs, door handle locks, and door levers locks.   The list goes on and on. Our techs are only a phone call away.

Lock Repair In Sumpter Township

Do your locks stick?  How about a lock that doesn’t work? Our trained professionals will come to your Wayne County home or business and check the problem, make a quick lock repair, or recommend the best way to resolve the issue. In some cases, it’s best to go with a new deadbolt, doorknob, or door handle.

Sumpter Township Storage Unit Lockout

We can help you regain access to your storage unit should you lose the key or combination to your storage unit.  We are a phone call away and can immediately access your storage unit lock. We have experience drilling and cutting storage unit locks off all types of storage units from basic padlocks to disk locks. So, no matter where your storage unit holds your items in the Wayne County area, call us to get you in.

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