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4 Implications of Using Smart Locks Over Traditional Locks

It can be agonizing to find out that you’ve locked yourself out of your home. You may decide to change locks to use newer models with better features to avoid such eventualities. Smart locks provide more options for opening the door.

But before you consider a lock change, it is essential to learn the implications of using smart versus traditional models.

The Locking Mechanism

Programmable locks have a mechanism similar to the traditional cylinder lock. A programmable device relies on an electric current to move the deadbolt and unlock the door. The assembly includes magnets or motors with the current enabling the mechanism.

With programmable locks, there are various ways to open the door. Some involve the use of an access code, while others require a specially designed smart card. You may also find locks with a traditional cylinder design that allow you to open them with a regular key.

Enabling Multiple Access

The purpose of most models of smart locks you’ll find today is to make access convenient. The device has features to enable access through Wi-Fi and mobile apps. You can program it to allow someone with a preset code to access the house.

With a traditional lock, losing the key will mean you can’t get into your home. In case it is damaged or lost, you’ll need a mobile emergency locksmith for entry or broken key extraction. A programmable system may have more than one option to open the door. Call The Local Locksmith today to see if a Smart Lock is a viable solution for you.

Keeping Tabs of Entry into the Premises

Depending on the features of the smart-lock, you can keep a record of access to your house. You can find out who has been using the new key fob or access key to enter your home. You can view the records remotely while away at work or on vacation.

A smart key-less entry door lock installation can boost security if integrated with your home automation system. The integration can generate images from security cameras. You can also track the movement of people on the premises. Such features can facilitate investigations and provide invaluable proof when valuables get lost or stolen.

Vulnerabilities of Programmable Locks

Traditional locks are vulnerable to lockpicking and break-ins. Again, the only way you can improve accessibility is by having spare keys. However, having multiple keys creates opportunities for unauthorized entry into the premises. On the flip side, if you decide to maintain one or two keys and you happen to lose them, you will require a mobile emergency locksmith to open the door.

However, smart locks are also prone to vulnerabilities such as hacking. You may lose access to your home if your smartphone battery is running low or is defective. But that depends on the options available on the smart application for opening the door.

Data from the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that approximately 24,371 businesses are locksmiths. You can find many types of locks with varying features to enhance convenience or security. Understanding the implications of each type can help you manage vulnerabilities and unauthorized entry. In case you lose access, consider consulting a mobile emergency locksmith.