5 Important Door Lock Maintenance Tasks

5 Important Door Lock Maintenance Tasks


Many Americans, unfortunately, get locked out of their vehicles and homes. Over 16,000 unexpected lockouts happen every day. Sometimes those home lockouts happen due to a faulty lock. A local locksmith can help you maintain the locks on your doors, or rekey them for security purposes. Below are 5 important door lock maintenance tasks you can perform that will keep your locks in great condition.

1. Start by Checking Your Doors

Secure doors aren’t solely dependent on the locks. Security starts with the door. For locks to work effectively, the door needs to be hung correctly. Check for gaps to make sure your doors are uniform.

2. Exam the Deadbolt and Deadlatch

How do the small plunger and deadlatch connect? The deadlatch isn’t meant to fall into the strike plate when a lock is engaged. You’re in for a lock failure if it does. When doors are closed, deadbolts operate freely. There is no need to lift, push or pull the door to lock it. Examining both the deadlatch and deadbolt can let you know when you need to make necessary repairs to keep your home secure.

3. Copy Keys Before They Wear Out

Keys tend to wear out before locks do. Be sure to reserve an original key for your locks to use to copy keys. Try not to make copies of a duplicate. Duplicates are never as precise as an original key.

4. Check to Ensure Locking Mechanics Are Secure

Prevent locks from failing and doors from sagging by checking the strike plates, screws, and hinges. Everything should be aligned correctly with long 3” screws providing great support for hinges. The strike plates need to be secure on wall framing with long screws, as well.

5. Sparingly Clean Then Lubricate Locks

Have you noticed any dirt buildup, debris, or dust in your locks? Use a damp cloth and mild detergent just a few times a year to keep locks clean. Locks also require lubrication using graphite lubricants or dry oils such as Teflon. It’s important to follow instructions by the door manufacturer for both cleaning and lubrication for locks.

A Locksmith Can Help Keep Your Home Safe and Secure

A trained locksmith offers installation, rekeying, and repair services for locks. Contact them to have the locks on your doors inspected. Using their services ensures you are doing everything you can to protect your home and family.