new key fob

In modern cars, key fobs have become central to operating a vehicle. Owners can easily unlock cars with the push of a button instead of having to insert the key into the lock like they had to do long ago. They can start the car, pop the trunk, or turn on the alarm. Here are a few reasons to invest in a new key fob.

1. Enhanced Security

When you upgrade the security on your vehicle, you need to upgrade your key fob to go with it. A new one can help you quickly set the new alarm on your car from a distance to help prevent theft. Owners can also have lost ones disabled. About one motor vehicle theft was reported every 41 seconds in the United States, making security an essential feature for everyone.

2. Get a Spare

Everyone loses their keys sometimes, but you don’t always have time to spend hours looking for them before work. Instead, it’s easier to grab the spare, but it’s inconvenient when you don’t have a spare key fob to match. Pick up a new key fob for your spare key for additional convenience.

3. Added Customization

A new key fob may come with new features. As vehicles continue to offer new things, like climate control, these products are often upgraded to match. Some companies offer products to start the car, adjust the heat, and recline the seat. This added customization is a huge bonus.

4. Longer Battery

As time passes, the battery in your current key fob will slowly last for a shorter period. This is just the way that some of them are made. Investing in a new one ensures that you’ll always have one with a solid battery, so it works when needed.

5. Fewer Repairs

Traditional keys that slide into the ignition are still standard, but a key fob has the potential to replace this. Heavy keys hanging from the ignition can slowly wear away at the small mechanisms in the steering column, resulting in costly repairs. Automatically being able to start your car eliminates this.

It doesn’t matter whether you need a spare or are looking for enhanced customization; we can help you. Contact The Local Locksmith for more information about the services we provide today!