6 Factors to Consider When Choosing Automotive Locksmith Services

6 Factors to Consider When Choosing Automotive Locksmith Services

Statistics from the National Insurance Crime Bureau show that a motor vehicle theft is reported every 41 seconds in the United States. This is despite the fact that 60% of Americans say they rarely or never think about the possibility of anyone stealing their vehicle. The reports also showed that faulty locks significantly increased the risk for theft.

Car lockouts remain one of the most requested locksmith services. AAA insurance estimates that they help over 4 million customers with car lockouts annually-and they aren’t even locksmiths! Whether you have misplaced your keys, locked them in, or want a new key fob, you may need to find the right automotive locksmith for the job. Here are six tips to help you find the right car key replacement service.

1. Credentials

Most Americans only begin their search for a car locksmith only after locking themselves out. In the rush, they may end up picking unlicensed and uninsured crooks. It is advisable to take time and search for a ‘mobile locksmith near me’ before the misfortune strikes. Check out the listings from time to time. Request to see their certifications and credentials before adding them to your speed dial.

2. Specialization

You may need to find an automotive locksmith that is experienced and conversant with your car model and make. If you need car key reprogramming for your new key fob, you need to ensure that you have the right equipment and technology to handle your requests. Check out their website or call them to establish their specialization.

3. Costs

You may need to factor in the cost estimates of the automotive locksmith that you wish to hire. Request for multiple quotes from different service providers to find affordable services that fit within your budget limits. While it may seem ideal to find a cheap locksmith, make sure not to compromise on quality, accessibility, and expertise.

4. Reliability

You may need to find a reliable car locksmith. It may be hard to predict when a car lock issue will arise. You may need to find out about the locksmith’s availability. Check their working hours. Do they offer their services past the operating hours? It would be futile to find a cheap locksmith that is unavailable when you need them.

5. Response Time

In addition to them offering round-the-clock services, you may need to find out their response time. Locked keys in a car are an emergency. You may not have the luxury to wait for hours on the road for the locksmith to arrive and fix your problem. Try finding locksmiths that will respond quickly. It means your best bet is to find a local locksmith that you can trust.

6. Reviews

You may need to pay attention to what other clients say about their services. You can find reviews from previous customers on their website and other online review sites such as Google, Yelp, and Better Business Bureau. You can also cut short your search by requesting recommendations from friends and family for qualified car locksmiths they have worked with before.

A car lockout can be a stressful experience. You will need to remain calm and call in a trusted locksmith that you took time to research about. Make sure to ask their pricing beforehand to avoid any surprises later on. That way, when they deliver your new key fob, you will be happy about the experience.