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Can a Locksmith Help With Car Key Programming?

It’s always a good idea to have a spare key for your vehicle. Getting a duplicate key made is often necessary either to ensure you have a spare or to replace a key that was lost. However, today, many vehicles are keyless ignitions. More than half of the 17 million cars sold annually, according to The New York Times, are keyless entry. When you need one of these types of keys duplicated, you’ll need car key programming services services. Today, modern locksmiths can help. Let’s look at the different types of keys a locksmith can help you duplicate.

Standard Keys

The basic car key has grooves and doesn’t have electronic chips. Even though these are considered pretty low-tech keys, there are still security requirements to duplicate the key. There is computer software available to locksmiths today that can help this professional determine the key code for that model and year. This is necessary to make the cuts to the key blank.

Transponder Car Keys

Transponder keys are newer than standard keys. These have a built-in chip in the head of the key, which is designed to increase the security of the car. The key blank, even when cut precisely for the make and model, will not start the vehicle. If you try to start a car with an incorrect transponder, an alarm will sound. Transponder keys must be reprogrammed using special software, which allows the locksmith to clone the specific cut and program it for proper communication with the vehicle.

Smart Key Fobs

Smart key fobs are more high-tech than transponders. A keyless ignition seems like the most convenient thing in the world, but if the smart fob starts to malfunction, you’re in a pickle. Even something as small as replacing the battery in your smart key can cause your vehicle to no longer recognize the key. You are stranded if this happens, and getting a replacement key from the dealership is often very expensive. Fortunately, you can hire a locksmith for smart car key programming!

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