Different Types of Car Keys and Their Features

Different Types of Car Keys and Their Features

Car keys today provide additional convenience and security for the car. The United States sees over 6,000 car lockouts per year. This can be very distressing for anyone who experiences it, especially if it happens at an extremely inconvenient place, such as outside a mall. When this happens, you’ll probably need the help of a mobile emergency locksmith.

There are different types of car keys, and it is crucial to understand them. Here are some important facts you need to know.

1. Basic Car Key

Basic car keys are easy to duplicate at any local lock repair service. Unfortunately, that also makes them vulnerable to break-ins.

You can order a basic key without the transmitter on the key fob. The advantage is that it can let you into the car in case you lose your key. However, you cannot start the engine.

2. Laser Cut Key

A laser-cut key has finer grooves around its shank that make duplication much harder than a basic key. You can find the machines to cut laser keys at virtually any lock repair service.

However, it is more expensive to produce than a basic key. The grooves on the shank have to be precise so that they can open the lock regardless of which side you turn. To make the key, your local locksmith will need to use
special machinery.

3. Switchblade Car Keys

A switchblade car key folds into itself when not in use, in the same way as a switchblade knife. When a button on the fob is pressed, the shank emerges.

One benefit of having switchblade keys is that each component can be duplicated separately at your lock repair service. However, you will still have to replace the whole assembly should you lose the key.

4. Smart Keyless Entry

It is a type of electronic mechanism that controls access to the vehicle without requiring a traditional key. It requires a form of a key fob that you can enter into the dashboard to start the car. In modern cars, you can
keep it in your pocket rather than the dash and can open the door and start the car.

The keyless entry has a security feature called the code grabber. The car’s computer can generate random codes for the key fob that the lock will recognize.

The keyless entry system can be categorized into two. The Remote Keyless Ignition system starts the car’s engine. There is also the Remote Keyless Entry which opens the door alone.

Troubleshooting Car Keys

Avoid placing the car key in the ignition with other keys weighing it down. It can ruin the grooves on the shank and may require a replacement at your local locksmith. Also, avoid using the key for anything other than what it
was intended.

If your key fob is unresponsive, consider changing the batteries first. You will have to reprogram the key in case you lose it. Consult an experienced lock repair service in case you are unsure of what to do.

Car key programming has advanced to address some of the vulnerabilities of traditional lock systems. Unfortunately, that also means that they have become expensive to acquire and replace. You can always get a replacement key so that you can save money and time when you lose access to your car. For any assistance with your car lock, kindly contact The Local Locksmith Company.