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Is it Better to Rekey or Change Your Locks?

Rekeying means taking the existing locks in your home and changing the internal components so that the lock can only be opened by a different key. Changing the locks involves completely removing the old lock and putting in a new one. It’s like starting from scratch in terms of security.

Which Option Should I Choose?

The answer depends on what type of situation you’re in right now; however, both options have pros and cons. If someone else has access to your locks and keys, such as a spouse or child who has left home without giving you their key, rekeying is your best bet. If there is a high risk of a break-in or your current locks are weak or faulty, changing them may be better. We’ve outlined the pros and cons below for both situations.

Pros of Rekeying Your Locks:

  • Keeps your existing locks in good condition. This is helpful because repairing or replacing locks can cost up to three times as much as rekeying.
  • Allows you to control who has access to your home. If you’re rekeying, you can give a specific key to whomever you like and leave the rest of the keys in a drawer as spares.
  • It might be less expensive. The cost of rekeying varies by the number of locks that need to be changed and the price per lock. But it’s usually less expensive than replacing an entire lock system, so you can save money in the long run if you move frequently or simply want to avoid buying new locks.

Cons of Rekeying Your Locks:

  • You have to replace all your existing keys, which can be a hassle if you live in a multi-unit building and need new keys for everyone.

Pros of Changing Your Locks:

  • Increases the security level of your home. You can upgrade to a high-security lock system, including keyless entry, key cards, biometric locks, etc. This makes it harder for people to get in without permission.
  • It increases the value of your home. You can charge more for a property with updated security features such as keyless entry, etc.
  • Creates a fresh start by changing out the locks after a big change in your life, such as a breakup or divorce.

Cons of Changing Your Locks:

  • It can be more expensive. If you’re changing the locks on your home, you might also need to purchase new hardware like doorknobs, door levers, and keyhole covers. The cost of the replacement hardware will be in addition to whatever your local locksmith charges for labor.

Time to Call a Local Locksmith

The locksmith industry experienced up to 12% growth in 2020, which is quite substantial. Rekeying is the best option if you want to upgrade your security while maintaining your current locks. If you want to upgrade your home’s security, changing the locks can provide a solid foundation for improved safety. Call your local locksmith today if you have any questions or would like an estimate on our rekeying or lock replacement services.