locked keys in car

Steps to Take When You Lock Your Keys in the Car

I know what you’re thinking. How did this person manage to lock their keys in the car? It’s a real head-scratcher. But it happens all the time, and there are a few simple steps you can take to get back on your way. First things first: don’t panic! Panicking will only slow things down and may even lead to more mistakes being made.

Once you discover you have locked keys in car, take the following steps:

Step #1: Call a Licensed Automotive Locksmith

One mistake people make when they lock out their car keys is that they try and retrieve them themselves. Or worse yet, they have someone else try and do it for them. This can potentially damage the vehicle, which means more money down the hole in the form of repair costs. Rather than risking this, make a quick phone call to your local automotive locksmith services provider and let them know what has happened. I’m willing to bet there are hundreds of local locksmiths listed, so finding one should be a simple task.

Step #2: Wait for the Automotive Locksmith to Arrive

This is perhaps the most boring step, but if you’ve ever locked keys in a car before, then you’ll know that time moves at a glacial pace when you’re waiting for someone to come and let you in.

If it’s an emergency automotive locksmith service, then they may be able to send someone over quickly as part of their 24-hour mobile emergency locksmith service. That said, make sure to ask them beforehand.

Step #3: Get Your Car Unlocked

Once your automotive locksmith arrives, they’ll bring along with them several different tools which they will use to open the car and remove your keys. Depending on what model of car you have, there are many ways in which to get into and unlock the vehicle.

Some automotive locksmiths carry computer programs that can override or hack into certain vehicle security systems, while others may even carry new key fobs for cars whose factory key fobs no longer work properly.

Automotive locksmiths generally have a number of solutions at their disposal as far as getting you back inside goes. The most common one is called “pick and bumping.” This automotive locksmith technique allows them to use a pick tool to unlock your door’s lock cylinder without damaging it. Then, using bump keys (keys that can be easily duplicated using nothing more than a wire hanger), the automotive locksmith will open your car door in no time.

Step #4: Pay the Automotive Locksmith Service

Once you’re inside your car, things will start to feel like they’re getting back to normal. However, once you’ve had a chance to catch your breath, you’ll want to pay for the automotive locksmith’s services. Ask them how much it will be before they arrive so that there are no surprises, and take one of their business cards just in case anything goes wrong after they leave.

Suppose you have any issues with your vehicle later on? In that case, automotive locksmiths usually like to know if anything goes wrong so they can improve their service and help others avoid making the same mistakes.

Locked Keys in Car?

As you can see, automotive locksmiths offer more than just automotive door unlocking. In fact, they can provide you with car key replacements if yours have been lost or stolen. Some automotive locksmiths also design new car keys either from scratch (based on your specifications) or by using the existing keys that you already have.

Locked keys in car is a common problem. Don’t let it throw you off or cause you stress. Just take a deep breath and remember that automotive locksmiths are there to help.