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What You Need to Know About Car Key Duplication

Drivers need car key duplication services for many reasons. Some people prefer to have extra car keys on hand just in case they misplace their main key. Others share their vehicle with family members and prefer to have multiple keys on hand for flexibility. And since AAA Insurance assists around four million people who are locked out of their vehicles every year, having an extra key on hand is generally a good idea. No matter why you’re looking for car key duplication, one of your best options to get the job done is to find a local locksmith offering automotive locksmith services. Here are just a few reasons why.

Not Just Anyone Can Duplicate Car Keys

House key duplication isn’t too difficult to achieve. Key duplication kiosks and hardware stores offer these services. However, only car dealerships and car locksmiths can duplicate modern car keys. This is primarily due to the extra safety features in modern vehicles. Virtually all modern car keys need to be programmed to function properly. Additionally, some push-to-start vehicles require new key fobs that simply aren’t available from hardware stores or key copying kiosks. As a general rule, if your vehicle was made after 1997, you’ll either need to work with a local locksmith or a car dealership to duplicate your key.

You Don’t Need a Dealer for Car Key Programming

If you ask your local car dealership about car key duplication, they may tell you that you have to get your new key from a dealer. However, there are other options for local automotive locksmith services. If you work with a local locksmith, you can get car key duplication services at a better price than most car dealerships offer. Don’t settle for paying top dollar for a new car key. Instead, support a local business by seeking out automotive locksmith services closer to home.

Automotive Locksmiths Offer Safe, Reliable Services

Whether you need to copy your car key or you are locked out of your vehicle, automotive locksmiths can offer you safe, reliable services. They won’t store information about your keys like some key duplication kiosks do. Additionally, these professionals typically offer mobile services, so they’ll come to you to ensure you can get back in your vehicle safely.

When you need automotive locksmith services, don’t hesitate to reach out to our local team. We offer advanced car key duplication and programming services and can replace key fobs for push-to-start vehicles. Call today!