new deadbolt installation

When Will You Need a New Deadbolt Installation?

According to the FBI, between dawn and dusk, while most people are at work or school, more than half of burglaries take place. This brings up the concern: when is it the right time to have a new deadbolt installation? Here are the main signs you should keep an eye out for a new deadbolt installation.

You’ve Lost Your House Keys

As a safety concern, this kind of installation is not something you should rush into. But, after losing the keys to your home, it is important to change your locks. Losing one’s house keys is the first signal that the safety of your home is compromised. The danger of a security compromise indicates that you could, at any point and without any warning, experience a break-in or some other kind of security breach. Without assurance about the people who could stumble upon your keys, you cannot trust that your home is entirely safe and accessible only to people who you have invited or allowed.

You’re Changing Your Door

The occasion for changing a lock doesn’t always have to be grim. Perhaps you’re considering an upgrade to your home decor. If you find yourself needing to change doors, that is the perfect time for a new deadbolt installation. As you compare different styles and finally land on a design you would like, it could also be the correct season to begin thinking about a lock change. The reason for this is the opportunity to revamp both the interior design of your home, but also the security measures for this cherished space.

You’re Switching to a Smart Lock

For some, the world seems to be moving too fast. Every day, they see new inventions and innovations; they find progress overwhelming. However, for the tech-savvy, the ever-changing landscape brings excitement and adventure. If you fall into the latter category, your new deadbolt installation will be different from those of your peers. This is because keyless entry solutions are taking the market by storm. Incorporating technology with security, these digital-based locks are a must-have for anyone wanting to take everything in their space into the space age of digital exploration.

Take your home’s safety into your hands. Seek out trusted experts to help you on whatever path you’ve chosen. Your new deadbolt installation is important! Reach out to us today if you are in need of a new deadbolt.