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Why Should I Get a New Deadbolt Installation During Winter?

When protecting your family and your home, you need the best locks. That’s why many homeowners are investing in new deadbolt installation this time of year. Let’s take a look at several reasons why you should get one in the winter from a dependable team.

Enhanced Security

Winter is known for being beautiful and cold. However, burglars are still out in the cold looking for items to steal. About 95% of all home invasions involve forceful entry, whether breaking windows, kicking in a door, or picking a lock. New deadbolt installation makes it more challenging to kick in a door because the person would literally have to kick in the door frame. These locks are notorious for being harder to pick than other locks.


Most homes have significant gaps around doors that let in frigid air, resulting in higher utility bills and an uncomfortable temperature. A deadbolt lock ensures that your door closes as much as possible, helping create smaller gaps. That’s why many homeowners choose new deadbolt installation when winterizing their homes. These locks are a cost-effective way to help keep cold air outside where it belongs.

Theft Deterrence

Deadbolt locks can help stop burglaries before they happen. When people approach the door, they can often tell whether the homeowner has a deadbolt lock because they can see it outside the door. Burglars know they can’t pick these locks, so they often walk away and leave your home safe.

Peace of Mind

You’re bound to get nervous if you live in an area with a high crime rate or plan on leaving town for a few weeks. People that know no one is home may consider robbing you. A professionally installed deadbolt lock will ensure you can relax on your vacation instead of worrying about someone breaking into your house.

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