5 Tips for Picking Affordable Locksmith Services

5 Tips for Picking Affordable Locksmith Services

Statistics from the US Department of Justice show that there are roughly 2.5 million burglaries a year, with over 65% of those break-ins being home burglaries. According to the FBI, 65% of these home invasions happen between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. when most people are at work or school. It is easy to see why home security remains a top priority for locksmith services.

Moreover, nearly 16,000 Americans lock themselves out of their homes and cars every day. Besides security, most cars and homeowners tend to worry about the expenses related to finding a mobile emergency locksmith. It can
be difficult to find cheap locksmith services amidst all the stress and anxiety. Here are five tips to help you find an affordable local locksmith to bail you out of your sticky situation.

1. Start Your Search Early

Statistics from American Automobile Association show that AAA insurance assists more than 4 million people with car lockouts annually. The sheer number of car lockouts points to how common it is for Americans to misplace or lock in their car, home, and office keys. Sadly, most people only seek a cheap locksmith after the fact. While making the hasty and desperate decision, they end up signing up for expensive services. The best time to begin your search is before the misfortune strikes. Check out listings for residential locksmith services from time to time. Interview the different candidates and have a cheap locksmith added to your speed dial.

2. Check Out Their Reviews

While you may be searching for an affordable locksmith, you should not compromise on the security of your home or car. You need to vet the mobile locksmiths to find the perfect fit for you. What do other clients say about their services? You can request recommendations from friends and family. A quick check on online review sites can help you gauge the quality of their service.

3. Compare Pricing

You may need to factor in the pricing model for the cheap locksmith you wish to hire. Pick multiple quotes from different providers and compare the prices. Most locksmiths maintain a website where they provide information on how much you may have to pay after hiring them. Inquire whether there are additional costs for outside working hours such as weekends and emergencies.

4. Avoid Making the Situation Worse

It is quite easy to panic after forgetting your keys, and you may try to find unorthodox means to pop up your car lock. Most people who attempt to fix the door locks, extract keys or replace the locks themselves end up creating a bigger problem. With the work being harder for the cheap locksmith, they may end up charging you more to cover your mess. It would be best to sit calm and wait for the locksmith to arrive instead of making it worse.

5. Check Their Availability

It may not mean much if the locksmith offers cheap services but is never available when you are locked out of your house. Take time to find out their working hours. Do they offer 24 hour emergency services? Lockouts often occur at inopportune times, and you need to find a provider that will be there in no time.

You may need to be vigilant as you head out to search for cheap locksmith services. It is in your best interest to kickstart the search early enough, factoring in their availability, pricing, and reviews. Additionally, avoid any DIY attempts that can make the situation worse.