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Locksmith Tips: How to Avoid Locking Yourself Out of Your Car

Local locksmith services can be of great help when you need it most. While you know they can always unlock your door, did you know they can also let you back into your car? When it comes to preventing lockouts in the first place, rely on these tips:

Give a Trustworthy Person Your Spare Car Key

If you’ve got a trustworthy friend or a relative nearby, you can use them as a sort of lockbox. You’ll never be in dire straights again because even if you do lock yourself out, you’ll know exactly where you can find your spare car key. If you don’t live near anyone, however, you can always rely on your automotive locksmith to provide you with tools to hide a key. Speaking of which…

Hide a Lockbox

Many people are prone to hiding a spare house key somewhere in their yard. You can also do that with your car key!

A good solution is to enlist the help of local locksmith services and get a lockbox to hide a key in. Lockboxes can be locked with number combinations, so you don’t need to worry about keeping another key on your keychain. A lockbox will serve two important purposes: it gives you a spot to put a spare key and it helps keep your car and home safe. Some small lockboxes can even be installed under the wheel well of your car. If you rely on a code to unlock it, you’ll always have a spare key when you’re on the road. This is vital the next time you go on a road trip.

Avoid Placing Your Keys in the Trunk

When you’re unloading groceries or packing the car for a weekend trip, it can be tempting to set your keys down in the trunk. Without a second thought, you might accidentally close your trunk with your keys inside. Unfortunately, this is a way many people are locked out of their cars.

When you’re loading and unloading your car, it’s essential to keep your keys in your hand or on your person. It might be easier to set them down, but you don’t want to deal with a nasty accident! Luckily, your automotive locksmith services are only a phone call away.

Because there are so many home and car lockouts every day, the U.S. Department of Labor shows the locksmith industry has grown by at least 12% through 2020. If you lock yourself out of your home, you need lock repairs, or you need your locks rekeyed, contact the experts at The Local Locksmith today.