lock repair

It is a given that everyone wants to keep their home safe and secure. But how often do we think about all the different ways our locks can break? No one expects it, but things happen- keys get lost or broken, locks wear out, burglars find creative ways to pick or force entry.

The good news is there are many simple fixes you can make with minimal effort on your part that will greatly reduce the risk of any damage to your door and lock system. Let’s take a look at common lock problems, what causes them and how they might be prevented:

1. Your Key Doesn’t Work

This might be because someone has jammed the lock with something like chewing gum or put something sticky in there to jam it. In most cases, a locksmith can take out the material and free up the lock. You should not try to remove the material yourself but rather get professional lock repair.

2. Your Key Breaks off in Your Lock

This is one of the most common risks associated with broken locks. The good news is that many times you won’t need to replace your lock entirely because only a portion of it needs replacing. However, there are also some safety precautions you can take to prevent this from happening.

Make sure when using your key that you don’t apply too much force or torque on it when turning it. Instead, use firm but gentle pressure and try not to overdo it. Also, make sure to call a house locksmith for regular maintenance.

3. Your Lock Is Damaged

One of the easiest ways to damage your lock is simply by using a key that doesn’t fit properly. Always use the correct key, or if you have misplaced yours, contact a local locksmith for help.

Another way locks can break is through wear and tear over time. If you’ve owned your lock for more than a decade, it’s probably time to consider replacing it with a newer model or even upgrading to a new high-security smart lock. These are less vulnerable to lock picking attempts.

4. Your Lock Is Picked

If your lock has been tampered with or messed with in any way, it won’t work as well and will be at risk of being picked again. One of the most common ways locks get messed with is by people trying to jimmy them open. To do this, they might stick a metal wire into the lock that puts some sort of bend in it, then use a tool to twist the wire around until whatever latch or bolt keeping the lock shut gets pushed up out of its slot.

One way to avoid lock picking entirely is by installing a lock that has at least a 1″ throw on it. The lock should also be spring-loaded or otherwise designed so push-down type locks cannot fully engage the strike. These extra layers prevent you from getting lock picked. However, if you can’t have your locks changed immediately, you should at least call for lock repair.

5. Your Lock Gets Stuck

A door lock that’s not working properly can also be at risk of getting stuck. If it gets jammed with dirt or moisture, the lock cylinder may become unresponsive and hard to operate. These issues are often easy to fix, but there are certain things you can do to prevent them from ever happening in the first place: Keep exterior doors clean, free from water damage and make sure they seal correctly when closed. Also, keep interior doors clean, free from dust, grime and moisture.

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