Are Keyless House Locks Right for Your Home?

Are Keyless House Locks Right for Your Home?

There are approximately 2.5 million break-ins annually with over 65% of them being home burglaries. Keeping your home locked and having locks changed by a house locksmith go a long way in keeping your home secure. As you may have noticed, many homes are upgrading their homes and switching to keyless entry systems. This can have you wondering just how safe and secure a new keyless entry system is.

Opting for a keyless entry includes having a hi-tech keypad installed using smart technology locks. It can give your home a modern and sleek look. Changing locks for entry to your home is about more than just looks, however. Any change involving technology is a big change that comes with many advantages. Keyless entry locks can completely transform your home security in all of the right ways.

It Takes the Right Services

In order to get the correct keyless entry door lock installation services, you need to use a local locksmith. Professionally fitted, good-quality keyless entry door locks are quite safe. However, does a keyless door lock make your home safer than traditional locks? They are not much safer than a traditionally keyed lock. Whether a keyless door lock is right for you depends more on your needs.

They Are Perfect for the Tech-Savvy

Homeowners that are tech-savvy are going to love their keyless entry door lock installation. If you understand “Smart” devices inside and out, you will be able to understand and fully operate a keyless entry door lock. A top locksmith can show you everything you need to know about keyless entry systems. This will ensure that the keyless door locks you need fully fit you as the user.

Are Keyless Entry Locks Safer?

First, in order to determine if a keyless door lock is safer than traditional door locks, it is important that the keyless entry door lock installation is considered. When you use expert residential locksmith services, you are assured flawless installation. Keyless entry locks are just as safe as traditional locks, but they add more ease when it comes to accessing your home.

Forget About Keeping Up With Keys

Do you tend to forget your keys? This can be very frustrating when you’re trying to get into your home. It is also a potential security risk if your house keys fall into the wrong hands. Keyless entry only requires you to remember the digits you set as your code.

Won’t Intruders Be Able to Figure Out the Code?

Some people may worry about indentions on a keypad after regularly tapping in the code. Won’t it make it easy for intruders to see the code and easily gain access to your home? Not if you use keyless entry locks that utilize a fingerprint-resistant touchscreen. It also helps to regularly clean keypads to lower fears.

Keyless Entry Is Great for Families

Do you have young children? A keyless entry lock system is ideal for young kids. It means your kids won’t have to carry a house key they could potentially lose. Getting rid of keys allows your kids easy access to your home and keeps them from losing keys altogether.

Most tech-savvy keyless locks can be programmed to give your child their own code. They can also be set up so the door to your home locks automatically after entering the code. Your child won’t have to worry about remembering to lock the door when you are not around.

Use Professional Keyless Entry Services

Are you and your family ready to get a keyless entry door lock installation for your home? It all begins with expert keyless entry door lock installation solutions that are ideal for the entire family. Having the system fitted by expert locksmiths goes a long way in ensuring it will work properly to keep your home safe and secure. Contact a local locksmith to get started today.