My name is Jason, and I am the owner and operator of The Local Locksmith Company in Trenton, Mi. I am using my personal experience as a locksmith to establish this conclusion regarding electronic keypad lock security. There has been a noticeable increase in the number of homeowners who have changed out their old door knob and deadbolt lock for a new electronic lock. The convenience and reliability have contributed to why electronic keypad locks have become so popular. Our locksmith customers trust us to provide services that are ethical, consistent, and honest. When we notice a flaw and feel they cannot trust the safety of their locks, we tell them immediately.

I┬áhad a customer call for a locksmith in Brownstown Township, Michigan, for a home lockout, and the customer stated that she had electronic locks on both of her doors. This is slightly intimidating because the locksmiths I’ve spoken to have really struggled to find a consistent bypass method that is damage-free. Lock manufacturer KWIKSET offers a deadbolt electronic lock with a system they refer to as SmartKey. This deadbolt lock is generally impassable short of drilling out the cylinder and rendering the lock useless. There are tools that can decode these locks through a micro-camera and an application; however, this tool is quite expensive, and most locksmiths would just be inclined to drill out the lock cylinder. This was not the case for this particular lockout customer.

Once I arrived at the location, the homeowner was waiting outside, happy to see me. I looked at her lock, reached into my toolbag, and proceeded to let her in her home in seconds. The electronic keypad lock she has protecting her home is a Schlage FE-595. This lock is extremely easy to defeat. I would consider this to be so ineffective that it should be removed for exterior home security. If you wanted to control access to a room in the home, such as a bedroom, office, or basement, this would be ideal but know that it will not stop someone who really wants to get in and couldn’t care less about the consequences. Locks are designed as a deterrent, but there is no lock that is considered impenetrable. A thief will move along to an easier target if the deterrent is going to expose them or risk detection.

Deadbolt Locks vs Electronic Keypads

Knowing that bad people with time and bad intentions may be unstoppable, a good deadbolt, whether it’s electronic or mechanical, can be used to deter most as a measure of security.

Manufacturers like Kwikset and Schlage have made strides to harden the security flaws in their products. Originally, the Kwikset SmartKey could be defeated easily, and revisions have been made to their product line after being informed of any weaknesses. It’s safe to say the newer electronic locks are stronger and, at the same time, tougher to defeat. As a locksmith, I was disheartened by my customers’ reactions to how easily I was able to defeat her lock. The fact that we were in her home in seconds and there was no visible evidence of the breach made me sit down and write this article.

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