lock repairs

Lately, you’ve had issues with your front door that are prompting you to consider potential lock repairs and even replacement. You don’t know which solution makes sense, but you need to do something. We’re here to help you come up with your answer. By continuing below, you should understand if you need repairs or an entirely new lock.

Secure Lock Repairs for Dirty and Dusty Locks

Door locks have holes, and they’re often exposed to the elements. Because of those facts, it’s no surprise that the inside of your front door lock is consistently covered with dirt and dust. Of course, dirty and dusty locks are unsanitary, but that’s not the main issue. You see, locks often covered in dirt and dust tend to malfunction frequently.

Telltale signs that your door is dirty and dusty include keys getting stuck in them frequently. A dirty and dusty lock can also be hard to turn, and simply wiping your lock clean isn’t going to fix this issue. Instead, you should call a locksmith who can thoroughly clean your lock to take care of this persistent problem.

Replace a Lock That Rusted Over Quickly

Next up, let’s tackle the issue of rusty locks. Rust shouldn’t be an issue for your locks for many years. Even if your lock is exposed to the elements, it should stay in good condition for at least a few years. However, the early emergence of rust indicates that your lock may not be suitable for your home. Your best option at that point is to replace it with something that can stand up better to the elements.

Get a New Lock if You Recently Endured a Breakin

You should also seriously consider replacing your locks if someone recently broke into your home. Around 95% of all home invasions involve forceful entry of some kind, according to Alarms.org. For example, the assailant may get in by kicking in the door, breaking a window, or picking a lock.

It doesn’t matter if your lock still appears in good condition. Keeping it on your front door is risky because you know that a skilled enough burglar can unlock it and enter your home. Get it professionally replaced immediately with a lock that offers superior protection.

Lock repairs may suffice for certain issues, but they cannot cover everything. If your lock has been compromised in some way, you should get it replaced. Contact The Local Locksmith Company if you need lock repairs or replacement, and we’ll handle the issue immediately!