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How a New Key Fob Can Keep You Safe

Everyone has valuable possessions that they want to keep safe. When we are inside of our homes with our families, the last thing we want to be concerned about is someone entering our home uninvited or stealing our car while we’re unaware. By ensuring our homes and vehicles are safe, we can rest easy knowing that there is nothing to worry about. Here are some great ways to help keep your home safe using new key fobs and other lock technology.

What Is a Key Fob?

A key fob is a device that allows you to remotely open keyless locks. Rather than a traditional lock and key system, in which you insert a key that physically moves pins in the lock and allows it to open, a lock that is connected to a key fob can be opened with the press of a button, or even just being close to the door. This amazing technology is convenient and is sure to save you time- no more fumbling around for keys!

How Much Does a New Key Fob Cost?

When considering a new key fob compatible lock system, price is often a concern for many people. What is really important to consider when considering a new electronic lock is what it is you are protecting. The price will vary depending on your desired security level, as well as whether or not you are securing a home or a vehicle. By consulting with your local locksmith, you will be able to determine what the best option is for you.

Smart Locks

Smart locks are a game-changer in the digital age. They allow us to remotely keep tabs on our home and ensure that no unwanted guests enter. Oftentimes, these technologies will be linked up to an app on our smartphones, allowing us to know exactly what’s happening inside of our houses regardless of where we are. When paired with a new key fob as well, you can enter your home without having to deal with any annoying keys. With just one tap of your new key fob, you can instantly unlock your door, which can come in extremely handy when you find your hands full with groceries or other shopping items. Some models of new key fobs don’t even require you to remove them from your pockets — just standing near the door is enough! A residential locksmith services provider can help point you in the right direction and set up a system that is right for you.

Car Locks

Aside from our homes, often, our most valuable possession is actually our cars. While in the past, getting our cars stolen may have been a huge concern, with new technology and automotive locksmith services, you can keep your car safer than ever. With a new key fob, you can even start your car from inside of your home, and not even need to insert your key into the car — just be near enough for it to work. This super impressive technology is safe and convenient. A car locksmith can help set up a great system like this for you as well. This investment may very well be worth the money, as there are is a car stolen every 41 seconds in the United States.

Get a New Key Fob Today

Now that you know more about what options are available to you, you can enjoy peace of mind and much more convenient living through automated locks. From smart locks to car locks, a new key fob can go a long way in improving the experience of your safety. Get started with lock services today!